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"You won't know me, you won't see me almost nowhere, you won't remember my name even if someday you actually hear it. But there was a time when I was here, I breathed this air and walked across this land... so much time ago, when I was known as the Goddess of Blood".

A story about Manaesi, the forgotten Gerudo deity.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Chapter 1: The Void

The white Goddess of Time, Hylia.

That was the name that brought me here. Where exactly is this here, I won't be able to explain you, since we godly beings simply call it "the Void". It is another plane of existence, some transcendental place... a portal to another dimension, a path that connects the Sacred Realm where we live to the mortal world. Around, you'll only see shapeless grey clouds, an ancient torii* with a sacred prayer stone below, and a short narrow gravel path in front of them. At the end of the path, there was nothing interesting... or more exactly, very far down, there was the mortal world.

As I said, nothing interesting. I never, since the moment of my creation, crossed the planes. Why would I? For what? But Hylia had done it, plenty of times. And now, she will be gone forever, never to return to this Sacred Realm where she belonged.

Oh, I apologize for not introducing myself yet. My name is Manaesi, also known as the Goddess of Blood. Why? Because I was born from Din's blood when she created the red land with her own powerful hands. I guess you could take me as her little sister or something, but that's nothing impressive. All the gods and goddesses are related to each other somehow, we aren't that many. Once there was this god, originated thanks to Farore's blowing breath of life; even Hylia herself is Nayru's daughter, born from her teardrops.

... Seems like all my thoughts lead back to Hylia. Nothing strange, actually, since she is the very reason I'm here right now. Because I wanted to understand.

Walking slowly on the stone floor of the Void, I looked down, like my eyes could pierce through the immense sea of grey clouds and have a look to the mortals. They were such inferior creatures... even if some god or goddess took the trouble to descend upon them, they couldn't see all our glory. Nobody knew why, but if we crossed the planes, we kinda changed. Automatically, we got some embodiment to our holy essences. Here in the Sacred Realm, our body wasn't very defined, we were deities made of pure energy after all! A head, trunk and limbs... and little more.

When Hylia was designated as the goddess to care and protect the mortals, I saw her changing for the first time. She looked... like one of them, specifically of the race hylian that Farore created, and of course, they later took their name after her. Long blond hair, ethereal blue eyes and pointed ears. Her peaceful aura turned into some white dress and a jewel ornament on her forehead. No wonder all of them were mesmerized by their gorgeous Goddess of Time.

You would say I sound jealous. Tsk, you are wrong. I didn't envy one bit of Hylia's task, because I despised mortals. They were weak, ignorant, filthy and... and sooner or later they all suffered this strange state of complete laziness, when they don't speak anymore and their body won't move, not even if bugs or scavengers start to feed on them. They also soon start to smell so bad that other still-no-lazy people have to burn or bury them. Well, serves them right, if you ask me; they were calling for it. Bad thing is that nobody seemed to be out of range for this disgusting illness to strike, no matter how young or old you were.

I certainly didn't want that for me... and this made me question myself again what I was doing here. I sat down beside the prayer stone and reclined my head on its cold surface, closing my eyes. Oh yes, curiosity may be such a treacherous thing... same as incomprehension. I didn't like that either, having that small thorn inside me.

Hylia had renounced to her divinity after the war against demon king Demise. I saw her taking in her arms the Chosen Hero, who had fallen to that state of extreme laziness. He didn't seem to even care that a goddess, his dear white goddess no less, was gracing him with her tears. And still she was pouring so many, while her immaculate dress got stained with his blood. Hylia didn't seem aggrieved by that either, she was paying attention only to the man in her arms, stroking his unnatural and almost colourless blond hair, and hugging a body that suffered too much time the lack of healthy food, fresh air and sun caress.

Why would she do such a thing? After all she accomplished, guiding her beloved people to the skies, so close to the Sacred Realm. She even entrusted them with the Triforce before disappearing into the nothingness of the Void. She would never come back... someday she will reborn as one of the hylians, but that meant nothing to me. Even if Hylia reincarnated, she would be just another worthless being. At least, that was what I thought.

But after the war, all the races in the world created by the Three Golden Goddesses pleaded loyalty to one deity or another. They wanted to feel safe, to feel protected, so they grasped to the holy being of their choice. Zoras chose Nayru, gorons preferred Din, kokiris wanted Farore... but nobody swore loyalty to me, not even one. And at first I really felt relieved, because I had no mortals to worry about; I was free, I got lucky! However, soon I felt insulted instead. Why nobody chose me? I was a goddess too, not a bit less than Hylia. We both were strong, both knew how to fight and cast magic. So why?

I came here, to the Void, to find an answer. It was true I wasn't the most known goddess, but I deserved some respect too! Hylia crossed planes many times, I didn't even once... maybe that was the reason.

I got up from my spot next to the prayer stone, and looked one more time to the shapeless grey clouds all around me. Below this, the mortals lived. I wanted to find what fantastic thing Hylia discovered about them, nice enough to make her renounce her divinity and become one of them. Still, I didn't want to quit being a goddess, not at all! I just needed some time, maybe a few decades would be enough; time is infinite for us anyway.

- May you hear me? - I talked to the prayer stone, kneeling respectfully in front of it - I want to become mortal only for a given time. How much it takes, I don't mind. A day, a year, a century... but don't take me back until I find my answer. I want to know, I want to understand the tears, the pain, the laugh, the sacrifice. Whatever the mortals have to offer... I want it all!

The stone started to shine, so I took my wish for granted. I bowed my head until touching the cold floor, and thought for a moment what embodiment I would get. I didn't want to be hylian, that's for sure... but I guessed it wasn't the time to be picky. I got up and walked slowly through the narrow gravel path, the torii growing distant behind me. Almost at the end, I closed my eyes once more and breathed deeply. Then, I rushed myself into a run...

... and without the smallest of the doubts, I leapt into the Void.
ATTENTION! English is not my first language, so please, everyone feel free to correct all the mistakes. But remember this is totally fictional, so if you don't like the story itself, there is nothing I can do about it. There will be references to the games and you may or may not agree with them, but please, respect my point of view. Enjoy! :D

*Torii - is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine. Usually it is red and square, made of wood or stone.

Picture belongs to :iconmiharushiro:.

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